Knitwear is a wonderful choice for winter wear, offering both style and warmth. Its soft, cosy fabric provides comfort on chilly days, while its versatility allows easy layering. From classic sweaters to scarves and beanies, knitwear adds a touch of charm to any winter outfit. Plus, its durability ensures that it will keep you snug and stylish season after season. Whether you’re lounging at home or braving the cold outdoors, knitwear is a reliable and fashionable choice for staying cosy during winter.

How to style an infinity scarf

1. Pull the scarf lengthwise around the back of your neck

2. Tie a knot at the end of the scarf

3. Twist the scarf in the middle and pull it over your head

4. Tuck in any pieces that are loose from the knot so they don’t show. Fluff to achieve the desired look.

Meet Angie

I’ve been working, from designing solo to liaising with boutiques, to ensure Elm’s presence in the market. Our approach has always been hands-on, directly engaging with customers to tailor our designs to their desires. Over time, we’ve assembled a fantastic team of designers, each excelling in their respective categories. It’s been a journey of creative evolution. For women leading busy lives, having pieces that effortlessly elevate an outfit is truly transformative.



Bright Tangelo Red, with its lively and invigorating tone, is a superb choice for winter aesthetics. Its gorgeous tone evokes comfort and cosiness, perfectly complementing the season’s chilly ambience. This vibrant shade adds a pop of warmth and cheer to the winter landscape, reminiscent of crackling firesides and the rosy glow of wind-swept cheeks. Whether adorning winter attire or accentuating interior decor, this striking colour exudes a festive spirit and uplifts the mood, making it an excellent choice to brighten the winter months with its captivating allure.

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Elm's Birthday

In May, Elm Lifestyle celebrates our 12th birthday!  It’s true to say that from little things, big things grow, and the Elm Lifestyle tree has flourished and branched out to now include beautiful, colourful and effortless apparel that’s stocked in over 300 boutiques PLUS 32 of our very own unique retail concept stores throughout Australia & New Zealand.

With every fibre of our being and every fibre in our apparel, Elm is committed to making colourful, playful pieces in easy-to-wear shapes for personalities who refuse to grow old. We thought we’d take a trip down memory lane to reflect on some of our favourites over the past 12 years.

Effortless Lifestyle

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